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Michael Elliot Bryan

Born 1947, Chicago, Illinois
Education: Undergraduate
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois
Amonson College, Chicago
Mayfair College, Chicago
Art Institute, Chicago
Northwood Institute, Midland, Michigan

Graduate School:
Elgin College, Elgin, Illinois

U.S. Army 1969-71 Special Services/Pacific

Mr. Bryan's commissioned works are displayed in the following collections

LA Fitness-Nation Wide
Olympic Swimming-City of Long beach
Patton's Corp-Ontario
Olympic Water Polo Mens
San Diego Chargers- San Diego, Cc
Hotel Stewart- San Francisco, CA
Century Plaza Hotel- Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Hotel- Redondo Beach, CA
Hilton Hotel- San Francisco, CA
Sheraton Hotel- Greenway, AZ
Harrah's Hotel- Lake Tahoe, CA
Acorn Engineering- Los Angeles, CA
Copley Publications- Elgin, IL
Great American Savings & Loan- San Marino, CA
In-N-OUT Corp.- Baldwin Park- Irvine, CA
Quality Suites- San Luis Obispo, CA
Hilton Hotel- Baton Rouge, LA
Ramada Inn- Simi Valley, CA
Pepsi- Los Angeles- Denver- San Francisco
Cambridge West- Costa Mesa, CA
Coors Brewing Company
First Interstate Bank- Long Beach, CA
Treasure Island Hotel- Las Vegas, NV
Concepts 4- Los Angeles, CA
Mirage Hotel- Las Vegas, NV
Beverly Hills C.A. - Beverly Hills, CA
Wattson Company- Newport Beach, CA
Toyota Corporation- Los Angeles, CA
Griffith Park Equestrian Center- Los Angeles, CA
Oh-La-La- San Francisco, CA
Radisson Hotel- Seal Beach, CA
Moon Gate- Newport Beach, CA
BMW, Munich, Germany / New Jersey
Canada Shoes- Mexico City, MX
Ashton Tate- Torrance, CA
Via Verde C.C. -Via Verde, CA
Southwest Farms -Santa Ana, CA
Merrill Lynch- Los Angeles, CA
The Irvine Company- Irvine, CA
Sunburst Mortgage- Newport Beach, CA
CBS Television Network- Los Angeles, CA
Schwinn Cycling and Fitness Corp.- Rancho
Intermark- La Jolla, CA
Cucamonga, CA
Palm Desert C.C.- Palm Desert, CA
Barbacoa Restaurant- Newport Beach, CA
Mission Hills C.C. -Palm Springs, CA
Prima Dona / Whiskey Petes- Las Vegas, NV
Monaco's Restaurant- Newport Beach, CA
Elizabeth Howard Theater- Irvine, CA
Bear Creek C.C.- Murrita, CA
Cambridge West- Newport Beach, CA
Spalding Yucca Carlson & Rauth- NB, CA
American Soccer Association
Sheraton Hotel- Scottsdale, AZ
Sporting House- VA
St. John Knits- Irvine, CA
Checkers, Inc.- Tampa, FL
American Press- Chicago, IL
Paul Kott Realty- Anaheim, CA
Song Tree Records- Los Angeles, CA
Hamburger Hamlet- Sherman Oaks- Hollywood- 
Woodbridge Medical Center- Irvine, CA
Sunset, CA- Washington, DC
Western Medical- Santa Ana, CA
McLaughlin & Associates, Inc. / Newport Beach, CA
Casa Del Sol C.C.- Mission Viejo, CA
Hennessey's Tavern / Redondo Beach, CA
P.G.A. C.C.- Palm Springs, CA


Hillcrest C.C.- Los Angeles, AC
Sheraton Hotel- Albuquerque, NM
Los Angeles Marathon- Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Freelander's Sports Clinic- Los Angeles, CA
Long Beach Grand Prix- Long Beach, CA
Arches Restaurant- Newport Beach, CA
Valvoline Motor Oil - Lexington, KY
Rusty Pelican- Long Beach, CA
The Edwards Group- Newport Beach, AC
Atlanta Coca Cola Bottling Company
Le Meridian Hotel- Newport Beach, CA
Queen of the Valley Medical Center- CA
Feller-Tuner Broadcasting- Atlanta, GA
Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital- CA
Blue Blocker Sunglasses- Chicago, IL
Polo Grill- Del Ray, FL
McDonald's - London, England, Paris, and France
Sickel Group- La Jolla, CA
McDonald's Corporation- France
Santa Ana C.C. - Santa Ana, CA
Freedom Fireworks- Atlanta, GA
Newport Imports- Newport Beach, CA
United States Water Polo Inc.- Indianapolis, IN
Brynmar C.C.- Lincolnwood, CA
Yanni/ Good Work Ventures, Inc., NV
Marabella C.C.- San Juan Capistrano, CA
Clint Black/ Good Work Ventures, Inc., NV
Quality Suites Hotel- Flagstaff, AZ
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Mission Community Hospital- Mission Viejo, CA
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Far Western Bank- Newport Beach, CA
Twin Palms / Newport Beach, CA
J.B. Restaurants- Utah
JKB Cigars / Los Angeles, CA
Cove Motoring- Newport Beach, CA
Toshiba Corp. 
OCT Irvine, Ca. 
Womens USA Water Polo-Olympics
Conexant , Newport Beach, Ca. 
Synchro Swimming USA
Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach, Ca. 
Jazz- Irvine,CA. 
Ford/ Mustang
IGT / Reno, NV
Fort Royal /Martinque
Ronnie Lott Impact Award
Avantair/ Reno ,NV
Kahala /Hawaii
Wonderland Bakery
Shakey's USA BRAND 2005
Winn/ Las Vegas, NV
Arciero Racing


Published By

WhiteWater Editions, CA / Copley Publishing, IL / Mirage Editions, CA / International Art and Graphic, CA / Weston Graphics, CA / Art Leaders, CA / Bevel Cut Gallery, CA / Weight Watchers International, NY / Paula Gallery, CA / Weiler Publishing, CA / World Publications, IL / Dimensional Marketing, NV / Van Westervect Fine Art, CA / Encore Fine Art, CA / C.O’Brien Fine Art, CA / M.B.P. / Collector’s Editions, CA / Good Work Ventures, NV/ The Dunning Group / Michael Bryan Collectibles/ Roger Talor UK



IN-N-OUT 2008
100 Years of JOHN WAYNE 2007
Porsche 2006
Bentley 2006
"Chesty" 2005
Olympic Synchro Swimming USA 2004
Balboa Bay Club 2004
Speedo 2004
Long Beach to Athens 2003
Konig Emporium / N.Y. 
Olympic Water Polo-Men 2003
Chairs / Van Westervect Fine Art, 
Olympic Water Polo-Women 2003
Los Angles, CA
Newport Beach Film Festival 2001
Sept Mustache / Chicago, IL
Toshiba Classic 2001
Luau / Honolulu, HI
Toshiba Senior Classic 2000
WRMN Radio / Chicago, IL
Harley Davidson- 1997
Yanni the Experience - 1995
Bob Henry Park, Newport Beach, CA '97
Second Season / Jewish Music
Olympic Games, Atlanta '96
Pacific Palms / Mirage Editions, CA
IN-N-OUT Burger / CA
Paradise Island /Mirage Editions, CA
Arches - MBE - 1995
APCO / Mission Viejo, CA
Beach Poster Ltd. - MBP - 1995
The City of Los Angeles Marathon V- 1990
Yanni the Portrait - 1995
TheToyota OF Long Beach Grand Prix1991SCHUCO/ Lilliput Motor Company, NV - 1994
Paula Gallery, L.A., CA
Palm Springs/ C. O - Brien Gallery / MBP
Art Leaders, Los Angeles, CA
Miracle Mile / MBP
The City of Los Angeles Marathon VI- 1991
Good Morning Orange County / MBP - 992
Kapalua / Mirage Editions
Nightrider/ MBP
Advantair- Reno,Nv 2005
Ford Mustang 2004
Motorcycles/ MBP
Bicycle / Bevel Cut Gallery, CA
Moto Guzzi / MBP
The Atlanta Jazz Festival - 1991
Bike Racers, Gallery of Arts
The Long Beach Jazz Festival - 1991
Oh-La-La, Sand Francisco, CA
WJKL Radio, Chicago IL

Balboa Bay club Gentleman's Smoker 2017

Balboa Bay Club 2017 Auto Show



Books, Magazine & Record Covers

House/ Drama
Monster House/Television
Marilyn in Art
L.A. Law / Television Series
The Cigar Enthusiast '97
All My Children / Television Drama
Spectrum Magazine / 12 Editions
Wait Until Dark / Feature Film
Newport Center News, Cover
General Hospital / Television Drama
Mind Mastery Handbook/Whann, Cover
HBO / White Mile
I Feel Terrific / Weight Watchers, Cover

Silver Creek Pictures / Once & Again
High Adventure Kits, Cover 8 Editions
Spotlight Magazine, Cover
Roaring 20s Menu, 6 Editions
Skinny Haven Menu, 6 Editions
Sesame Street, Packaging
Sally Moore Record Jacket
Palm Springs Life
Designers West Magazine
Orange County Restaurant Guide
Orange County Lodging Guide
Cigar Lovers Magazine 



Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Texas. 
Blackhawk Automotive Museum, California
The Salvador Dali Museum, Florida
DR. Gene Scott Museum , Kentucky
Kentucky Derby Museum, Kentucky
High Museum of Art, Georgia
United States Marine Corps Museum, Virginia
BMW Museum, Munich, Germany

Territorial Capital Sports Museum,OK.



Michael Bryan has been the Official Artist of the following major events

2001 Toshiba Classic
2001 Newport Beach Film Festival
2000 Toshiba Senior Classic
1998 24 Heures du Mans
1997 Bob Henry Park
1996 BMW's '96 Olympics
1995 Yanni in Concert
1994 USA Water Polo
1992 Tribute to Jimmie Reese ( Babe Ruth's Roomate 1930 & 31)
1991 Atlanta Jazz Festival
1991 Long Beach Jazz Festival
1991 Toyota Grand Prix
1990 & 1991 Los Angeles Marathon 


One Man Shows

2008 Philinda Gallery , Co
2008 Royal Street Gallery, Co
2007 Royal Street Gallery Aspen, Co. 
2006 Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
2005 Bentley, Newport Beach, Ca. 
2004 Long Beach Convention Center
2003 Laguna Artist Assoc., Laguna Beach
2003 Lassen Art Gallery, Laguna Beach
2002 Michael Bryan Gallery, Laguna Beach
2001 Newport Gallery LasVegas, Nv
2001 Garys, Newport Beach, Ca. 
2001 MB Gallery ,Laguna Beach ,Ca. 
2001 Porsche, Newport Beach, Ca. 
2000 Lisa Gallery, Manhattan Beach,CA
2000 Michael Bryan Gallery, CDM, CA
2000 Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach, CA
1998 Grand Prix Art, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka
1997 Town Square Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
1990 Encore Fine Art, Long Beach, CA
1997 Lassen Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
1990 Triangle Galleries, Santa Monica, CA
1997 Habana Studios, Burbamk, CA
1990 Marcus Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
1996 Gallery 777, Los Angeles, CA
1990 Triangle Galleries, Beverly Hills, CA
1995 Art One Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1989 Triangle Galleries, Newport Beach, CA
1994 Art Brilliant, Tokyo, Japan1989 11th Street Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1993 Arena Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
1988 11th Street Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1993 Lawrence Charles Gallery, Tampa, FL
1987 Griffith Park Equestrian Center, 
1993 Forma Design, Costa Mesa, CA
1992 Minotaur Fine Art, Las Vegas, NV
1987 Upstairs Gallery, Newport Beach, CA
1992 One Exhibit Gallery/Messinine, Irvine, CA
1986 Horizon Gallery, Manhatten Beach, CA
1992 Art Framing Gallery, Fountain Valley, CA
1986 Gallery of Arts, Mission Viejo, CA
1991 Minotaur Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
1985 Laguna Design Center, Mission Viejo, CA
1991 Maurie Simonds Fine Art, Palm Springs, CA
1984 Mendelson Gallery, Balboa Isle, CA
1983 Paula Gallery Pacific Design Center, 
1991 Centaur Sculpture Gallery, San Diego, CA
1981 Levinson Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL
1991 Sterling Motors, Newport Beach, CA
1980 Gallery Nautique, Lido Isle, CA